Here are some helpful tips from our friends atHomeBiz. Where you find your home inspection needs.

Warmer temperatures and longer days are just two signs that Spring has arrived. HomeBiz wants to help you keep your home in great condition all year round. Use this checklist to inspect your house for areas that may have been affected during the winter months.


Check the attic for any signs of animal activity, gaps around vents and missing or torn insulation.


Look over driveways, patios and pool decks for cracks or shifts. Powerwash and seal these areas if needed.


Make sure that gutters are not loose or leaking and clean the gutters to ensure they are free of debris.


Conduct a visual roof inspection for any lost or damaged shingles. Shingles that are cracked, warped or loose should be replaced.



Inspect trim around windows, doors, railings and decks. These areas may have weathered over winter and might need to be painted or replaced.


Windows and Doors

Look for any gaps around doors and windows and seal with caulk or weatherstripping. Replace damaged window screens.


Lawn and Garden

Low areas or holes in the yard should be filled or graded to prevent water from collecting in your yard or getting into your house.


Inspect your deck for wood decay, wood rot and loose boards or railings.

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